Andrej is the 98th Sexiest Woman in the World, et. al

FMH released its ever-important list of "100 Sexiest Women," and one of the magazine's awesomely manly and intelligent writers made a little oopsie: he crowned Andrej Pejic, a male model, 98th Sexiest Woman in the World. And then, this dumb writer tried to compensate for his mistake by making snarky comments about Andrej's looks. He was probably just mad Andrej is like, 1,000,000 times prettier than his girlfriend, or "escort," or whatever he probably has. (I am just too clever!) Here is an excerpt from FMH's article on Andrej:

Although his sexual identity is ambiguous, designers are hailing him as the next big thing. We think ‘thing’ is quite accurate. Tall, skinny, and flat-chested, Andrej is considered in couture circles as the “perfect coat-hanger” for high fashion garments, moving the industry on from hot girls who look dangerously boyish to just boys who look like girls. Having managed to get away with it in campaigns for Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier, the blonde gender-bender has jumped the gun in hoping he might one day be signed as a Victoria’s Secret Model (Pass the sick bucket). Well, he might have a hard time keeping it a secret then.

And here is what New York Magazine said in response:

Right, pass the sick bucket because no matter what they say, they are still endorsing Pejic as the 98th sexiest "woman" of the year. So he is sexier, by FHM standards, than number 100 on the list,Izabel Goulart, who is a Victoria's Secret model. If we were to guess what may have happened in the writing of this story, knowing what little we do about straight males who make a living at a magazine that helps other straight men assert their masculinity, is some straight male who writes for FHM saw photos of Pejic, mistook him for a woman, found out he was actually a man, and wrote this snide article to show his fellow bros at the magazine how blatantly not attracted he is to androgynous dudes, despite actually thinking one is hot. Then, maybe, he went out, had a Miller Lite at Hooters, and told his work buddies the next day he spent the night blowing lines off of strippers that totally wanted to have unprotected sex with him.


haters 'gon hate. we luv u andrej! xoxoxox

I'm pretty sure these are the steps I saw Matt Hitt on, except I'm probably making that up in my mind since there are what, like ten million stoops in the City?
Look at them being all model-like with their portfolios.


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