Skip Bayless apologizes to Chris Broussard...for these comments today... video

While it was 'heartfelt', I guess the question begs to be asked..... "Are we gonna buy that?" - Skip Bayless in this very interview.

The fact that he apologized should be looked upon as highly favorable. Thing is though, when others that Skip doesn't like 'apologize', he doesn't believe them or give them the benefit of the doubt. So I'm not quite sure others will give it to him either. I am even more sure THAT SKIP DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK IF WE BELIEVE IT OR NOT. By we, I am including Chris Broussard by the way. (I make no claim to knowing their off camera relationship so I  could be dead wrong. I can admit that. Unlike the person in question..) So I don't feel bad calling him on the 'authenticity' of his apologies.

Clearly, he just did it so I don't have video of his 'apology' yet but I saw it. I will put it up here later...


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