SRK takes on Ramdev, says fast politically motivated

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SRK takes on Ramdev, says fast politically motivated
Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan on Thursday said yoga guru Baba Ramdev's proposed hunger strike against corruption is politically motivated, and added that he would not support the agitation.
I do not know what his agenda is. As soon as somebody gets embroiled in politics and becomes a political leader, I think they develop their known way of thinking. I think what they are saying is very good, but if you have a political party, I am apolitical by nature. So I don't align myself. I think he has a political party now," Shah Rukh Khan told reporters here.

"This has been said for years, remove black money, corruption needs to be going out, and if this is one way of looking at it, wonderful, something is being done. But as far as I am concerned, I like to make an opinion through my work because everyone should do what they are supposed to do," he added.

Asserting that black money stashed abroad should be declared a national property, Ramdev earlier today remained firm on going ahead with his fast to demand urgent steps to curb corruption.

"The black money stashed abroad should be declared national property, and keeping black money should be considered a crime at par with sedition. We are not staging any protest or rebellion," he told reporters here.

Ramdev also rubbished reports of differences with veteran social activist Anna Hazare.

"I talked to Anna Saheb before coming here, there are no differences, we were together and we are together," he added.

Meanwhile, Anna Hazare announced that he will take part in Ramdev's movement against black money and corruption.

"I will join Baba Ramdev on June 5. I will sit with him on the dais and discuss many issues. If we all get together, then the government will have to concede to our demands,"
he told reporters in Ralegoan, Maharashtra.

Hazare made it clear that there is unity among civil society members and the perception that Ramdev is upset about the inclusion of father-son duo of Shanti and Prashant Bhushan in the Lokpal Bill drafting committee is in correct.

Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram on Wednesday said the next round of talks between the government and Baba Ramdev will be held on Friday to further discuss the latter's proposed hunger strike plan.

"I am told that they have agreed to meet again on June 3 to continue the discussions and I will advise everyone to observe restraint," said Chidambaram.

The government had earlier deputed Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath and Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) Chairman Sudhir Chandra to persuade Baba Ramdev not to undertake the agitation, but the effort failed.

Ramdev announced his decision to go on a fast over the black money issue last month. He is demanding that black money stashed away in safe havens abroad be brought back to India.


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